You have a preference for particularly creative and sadistic "cock and ball games" you like to be administered "cock and ball torture"? A brutal treatment of your genitals by Mistress Nora, who enjoys causing pain to her slave?

I will ONLY devote myself to your cock and balls! I like penis torture, trampling, ball torture, ball busting and ball kicking. For this I use hands, fingernails, feet and kicks as well as percussion instruments, electrical stimulation or everyday objects and my ideas to torment you are endless.... Needles for your penis, wax for your glans, catheters for the urinary tract, Electrostimulants for your genitals. 
I am happy to perform the following on you: 
  • Climax control 
  • Cum on command... if I allow you!
  • pain from pleasure
  • Congestion/Binding/Weights
  • Hot and cold
  • punches
  • kicking
  • squeezing and kicking
  • stimulation current
  • urinary torments
  • Catheters of various sizes
  • urethral dilations
  • Tease and denial
  • trampling and much more
  • chastity
  • and many other mean things ;-)

I prefer to carry out such treatments very lightly clothed, just to intensify your torment even more!