✉ My booking email:

My contact rules:

Contact me as follows after you have informed yourself comprehensively on my side, including my tribute:

I only reply to WhatsApp messages to +436507439501, contact form requests or emails to
Calls are pointless and will not be answered!

Please note that appointments can only be booked with me with the appropriate lead time. The sooner the better! At least 2-3 days in advance!

I expect a specific request with all the necessary information! One-liners, attempts at small talk and other nonsense will be ignored!

Appointments are ALWAYS possible in the following cities - with a lead time of at least 2-3 days:
• Vienna
• Bregenz
• Munich & all of Bavaria
• Ulm
• Liechtenstein

On request & with corresponding additional costs (travel expenses, hotel, expenses) appointments are also possible in Sankt Gallen & Zurich!

Fly me to you: Other locations possible on request (against appropriate tribute)! I only fly 1st class and you have to provide me with my own suite!

I speak German & English!