I offer dominant hotel visits and dominatrix escorts! I do NOT offer home visits.

Would you like to be used as my toilet, little loser overnight in your hotel (high level only!)? Or would you rather lie tied up and helpless under my beautiful feet, be forced to smell them, have my long-worn nylons put in my mouth, lick them?

According to your submissive disposition, I used you as my footstool or as my seat cushion! I'll make myself comfortable on your loser face in a small, sweaty thong and sit on your face for hours. Meanwhile I watch TV and drink wine & champagne at your expense. Meanwhile, you drooling bitch have to remain completely motionless under my hot, round ass, otherwise there will be appropriate educational measures for you loser.

Total losers are tied up by me and have the great honor of being able to kneel next to the bed. You mini cock carrier are treated like dirt and get absolutely nothing, except my scorn and my contempt ... haha

I accompany submissive gentlemen on the following occasions:

- In the restaurant

- dominant hotel escort

- Opera, musical, theater, casino

- Champagnebar

- coffeehouse

- for a glass of wine

- various events

- at fetish events

- on train journeys

- in a fetish outfit (latex, satin, leather, fur, seamed nylons & business suit) to various events (trade fairs, fetish events and much more)

- Dinner dates

If you have a preference for fetish outfits (furs, silk, satin, business suits, high heels, seamed nylons, burlesque, leather gloves, corsets, etc.), I would be happy to come in the appropriate outfit.

A combination with a previously agreed upbringing in public is also possible.

NO GO´s: I do NOT offer sex, my service is purely in the dominant and fetish area! I'm absolutely untouchable except for my sexy feet!