For clarification:

I am beautiful. I'm rich. I'm smart. I am also ruthless, sadistic and greedy.I don't need you or your money!

But once I start, I'm like a greedy, stone cold vampire. I suck you dry Slowly, with pleasure, painfully. Until your last bittersweet drop of blood flows over my beautiful lips. There is no end in sight! Now you know, but it still won't stop you, right?

You and yours have to do without-yes: starve so that I can bathe in champagne and indulge in luxury. But your longing is too great! You can't prevent it! I KNOW THAT. I UNDERSTAND YOU! I'll give you what you need, what you've been looking for for so long. Come on, come to me. Don't fight back, it's pointless anyway. Let it go.

Where everyone else stops - I really start. You will be mowed down by your goddess! And extremely charming.

It doesn't really matter to me whether you're a billionaire or a postman. It has to hurt - you should suffer! Whether you are submissive and submit as a slave, or whether you simply have a number fetish. My sadism appeals to each of these tendencies. Make yourself worthy of my attention!

Telephone hotline for Paypigs:

Payment pigs MAY only contact me on this number. Otherwise you don't need to call at all!!! Send money via Paypal (ask for it!), Account-Payment (ask for it!) out TRIBUTE ME HERE:  (CLICK!)

Payment slaves may ONLY contact me AFTER they have transferred money to me. I don't care about peanuts! Big amounts make your goddess horny! Monthly donations are expected from me!

You also have to work through my Amazone Wishlist !You little, depraved Paypig ONLY have to live and work for me.

Find out more after you fell into my Venus trap. Admire my beauty in luxurious surroundings. worship my smile I smile at you then superior. Let yourself be robbed of your senses, with esprit and eroticism that surrounds me, like the scent of the expensive perfume I wear. Convince yourself of my true existence, my sophistication and my charm on the phone or via a live chat.

More information on my member page for Paypigs!