Wallow in my bathwater

I irresistibly sexy goddess have come up with a new, awesome, brain-fucking game for you!

We both know that you want nothing more than to be near me. Of course you are much too cowardly for that and besides that you are a total loser.

You would never be able to bear to actually see me "live". Your heart would definitely be pounding like crazy, you would stutter like a little boy, you would not be able to say a word because of your excitement, you would tremble and your hands would be bathed in sweat!

Well, in order to give you losers the opportunity to be very close to your adoring mistress, I have thought about the following for you:

I book myself into a
discreet, great hotel. There I will bathe my luxury body in the tub for hours, order French white wine - of course EVERYTHING at your expense...haha...how awesome...

Of course I can refine my bath water - and the glass of wine - with both my noble piss and my spit for you!

I leave the hotel and give you the key completely anonymously! YOU come into the room a short time later...you still smell my heavy perfume. Maybe I left you some used panties...my wet towel...feel close to me like never before and completely anonymously! In addition, my glass of wine is on the edge of the bathtub... who knows what it's filled with ;-)) You see my lipstick on the edge of the glass, you know that I just drank from it, maybe pissed into the glass and/or spat, all just for you !

Then you lie down in my bathwater......hmmmm...you'll probably cum when you lie down in my bathwater...haha

You can order my noble bath water - more precious than champagne - fresh from me here!