I need a new seat for my plump, round buttocks - and what better way than your slave's face? I am happy to squat down on your face and take a long and comfortable seat. The main thing is that I'm comfortable!

I will educate you to be my kind and calm seat cushion. You will make a forgiving and humble piece of furniture. All that counts is my well-being and my comfort. I will train you until you are my perfect chair.

I'll sit on you for hours and leave a book, drink coffee and champagne and even when my friends come to visit you don't have to move and who knows, maybe I'll let one or the other lady try to sit on your face?

Your job is to serve me as a seat cushion and piece of furniture and to set you up for a long face-sitting. Because Mistress Nora Marinelli - the facesitting queen, loves persistent facesitting in different positions.

With all my weight, my butt sits on your face because I just enjoy facesitting.

As soon as I have trained a slave like you as a seat, he voluntarily offers me his face for facesitting, because what could be nicer than feeling the pressure of the mistress to stick his nose in my buttocks?

With all my weight I let you feel who the mistress is, I give you instructions on how to face-sit to my satisfaction and I also tell you everything about smothering.

Depending on your mood, I will sit on your face in pantyhose, a leather thong, nylon panties, a skin-tight vinyl skirt or jeans.

My horny ass almost crushes you and you are helpless at my mercy and you can smell my intense butt scent. This is how Assworship should be!

I'll tie you up defenseless, maybe I'll gag you with sweaty, freshly taken off panties and then you'll wriggle when you're almost suffocated with my amazing ass!

Lie down, cushion slave, so I can sit on your face!

Beginner pieces of furniture very welcome - applications in writing requested!