You like beautiful, well-groomed women's feet, maybe you also smell feet? You want to worship my perfect feet, worship them and pay homage to them? Sniff it and get totally obsessed with my feet? You may apply for an audience with me - foot goddess Nora Marinelli!

Of course, my goddess feet need appropriate care and attention. I can't see why I'm walking through town on a rainy day without footmen. I need someone who throws himself in the dust and in every puddle in front of me so that my beautiful feet and expensive pumps don't get wet. I will step on you like a carpet. You also have to kneel under every table - whether in a cafe, restaurant or office - and stick your nose deep into my wet pumps and between my sweaty toe slits. Of course, I also expect my feet to be properly massaged and sniffed. I don't care in the least what other people think! Your place is at my feet - become my personal foot slave NOW!