Variation 1:
you want to serve me I'm always looking for a shopping slave and bag hauler. I'll have fun in the city, I'll shop at your expense and you'll serve me from start to finish.

Your task includes as follows:

- to pay for my purchases

- you carry my bags

- you pay me coffee, champagne and lunch

If you're lucky, you can sit a few tables away and drink water. If I don't want to see your visage, you'll be waiting in front of the door, with your head bowed and my purchases in your hand...hahah

I will take advantage of you and treat you like dirt. It will be done what I command!

Apply now and let me know what you can offer me!

Variation 2:

Once a month I go to "Women's Night" in Vienna with my gorgeous mother and my pretty aunts. Of course we only go shopping in the finest luxury stores and in between we treat ourselves - to recover from the "exhaustion" of shopping - 1-2 bottles of champagne rosé and lunch in the most exclusive restaurants in town.

You money slave would also like to give us gifts and pay for our luxury, but you can't come to Vienna or are you too cowardly?

No problem: Your little slave cock will surely twitch that YOU too now have the following opportunities to give us plenty of your puny loser toads:

- via Paypal (on request!)

- by direct transfer

- Account transfer

- Amazon vouchers

Contact me for more information, slave!

Remember one thing: ALL women in my family are dominant and "men" are only a means to an end for us