I will not only determine your styling and make-up in the session, regardless of whether you are being trained as a sissy maid, maid or prostitute. Follow my instructions strictly and you will learn how a good TV maid should behave.

With me you will receive a strict but pleasurable training in which you will be feminized and receive an education that will transform you into a feminine, transsexual maid. I, as your mistress, know what you need and what is best for you, I will dominate you and freely dispose of your body!

Your strict training program starts with the right clothes for you and as my nice little slave you have to look appropriately feminine. You will learn to walk in high heels and you will learn how to move properly. I will train you and show you how a willing, humble TV maid should behave towards her mistress and you will endure every treatment for me!

You just want to be my pretty maid? Would you like to help your mistress get dressed? Would you like to put my extremely delicate seamed nylons on me? Do you dream of massaging my sexy feet? Will you kindly sort my high heels collection and my nylon panties? You will serve me and my guests coffee and champagne.

I will train you to be the perfect female maid! Kneel down in front of me, your mistress, so that I can use you as a footstool to put my high heels or stocking nylon feet on you. You will be my humble TV slave, which serves me as living furniture, I will use you as a pure commodity - you are only inventory! Let me use you as a trampling rug so I can step over you so I don't get my boots dirty.

But who knows, maybe I'll go out on the street with you and offer you to lusty men, who will then help themselves to your horny whore body without restraint, will reach out to you and I'll force you to suck foreign cocks. Maybe I would like to drive into the forest with you, fix you there completely motionless, gag you, blindfold you and then make you available for free use. My fantasies regarding TV ladies know no bounds. You will learn to explore your sexuality off the beaten track. But maybe I'll put a tight chastity belt on you and I'll keep the key. Only I will be in control of your orgasm. Let's get right to your first lesson..